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      AvatarJames Elwin

        Lately I have noticed that my left shoulder pops/clicks and feels like it slips out of the socket during external rotation e.g. arm position for back squat. Could one of the muscles be tight and causing my shoulder to catch as it’s going through full ROM? It definitely doesn’t feel as stable during movements like power snatch and HSPU where stability is obviously critical. My left wrist has begun to hurt from collateral damage stemming from my shoulder instability. I want to make sure I fix my shoulder otherwise I’ll continue to have problems downstream/upstream of the issue.

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        Avatarsimon brooks

          I have a similar type of shoulder instability that I just haven’t seem to be able to fix using mobility alone.  Massaging it with a lacrosse ball seems to help but not totally alleviate the problem.

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            Did something happen that caused this to start happening?
            It sounds like a situation to consult a doctor so you have all of the information on the situation.
            You are starting to see this impact other areas (wrist).
            Your body will look for stability/slack within the system and your body will make compensations that you may or may not be aware are happening.
            You need to identify the cause of the pops/click so the cause is addressed and the situation can be resolved.

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            AvatarJames Elwin

              Not that I can remember. My left shoulder has always been loose it feels like. Maybe the end of my humerus is slightly too small for the socket or something. I feel a little bit of resistance in my shoulder during external rotation and then it makes a popping sound and goes through the remaining ROM. I’m going to research and see if I can find anything about this that other people have encountered.

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              AvatarZoey Dowling

                I have a similar issue in my right shoulder but mainly only when i work the joint capsule with the band where i wrap it around a pole because of not having a dumbell or kettlebell to help.

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                  If this is a situation you have been dealing with for some time without seeing improvement I would seek further assistance with the situation.
                  Have you had anyone look at your arm positioning when you do back squats, power snatch or HSPU?
                  The popping is a compensation for something that is not as it should be.

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