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      AvatarLauren Baker

      Hello ,

      English is not my first language, so if something is not in good form, please forgive me. 🙂

      First, I had an injury-basically fell off- when I was 14,I am 22 now, the joint somehow injured/recovered (proved by MRI), then I was okay for few years. But I ve been struggling with my shoulder since 3 years now. I visited several physical therapist, doctor, massage therapist, basically no improvement. Here, almost every doctor, medical person is incompetent-at least they were in my case, like saying I cant stretch, they didnt use lacrosse ball,foam roller etc. 2 years ago I had a surgery, basically my labrum was ‘shaved’, tho they didnt see any serious injury. But somehow it didnt improve, like I couldnt do 5 pushups without pain.I bought Kelly’s book, the Supple Leopard(45% ). and bought a subscription to this site about 2 month ago, and since that, my shoulder is improving, and I slowly recovering(tho I havent trained yet, only mobility excercises), and now I know the theory how to excercise with the correct form and I started to pay attention how my posture is during the day.

      Right now I dont have full range of motion in external rotation, internal rotation and overhead motion,  but its getting better.

      I have 2 questions:
      1. Basically I did pt/massage etc for 2.5 years(and the surgery), yet almost no improvement, ‘thanks’ for the crappy methods that p.therapist showed me.. My concern is that maybe it was too much training with bad patterns/pain to gain back my capability to do sports. What do you guys think? Is it possible? Or one ‘always’ have chance to fully recover?

      2. Few stretches that are in Kelly’s video are painful for my right shoulder. I did this today: and it was painful so I immediately stopped. But whats now? I mean okay it was painful but I guess a healthy shoulder should do this too. Like when to try it next time if it was painful now? What to do as a progress before I can do this and several other ones that were painful in the past?

      Thank you!


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      Great to hear you are seeing improvements since reading
      Kelly’s book and starting to problem solve and pay attention to your
      posture and movement patterns in every day life.
      Yes, it can be
      frustrating when you are seeing practitioners and not seeing
      improvements in your situation. Great to hear you are finding another way
      to address what you are experiencing and seeing improvements within
      your situation.

      There are different approaches/theories to
      physical therapy and some is identifying a practitioner that has an
      approach that gels with you and your situation and that’s not
      always an easy thing.

      From my experience (I was in a real bad accident a couple years ago and needed to relearn/rebuild everything) yes, if there is not permanent
      damage or restriction in movement you can rebuild from the foundational
      level and perform at better levels. This will take time, alot of work,
      and attention to detail, and it is ALL worth it.
      I am very fortunate to be able to work with Kelly and check in with him when questions on something come up.

      Pain is your body’s way of letting you know something is wrong. If something is painful don’t continue to do it.
      It may be more complex than you are ready for with where you are currently at. With time you may have a different experience when doing this mob.

      You may have a low rib out of place that is blocking your internal rotation.
      Your pec may be tight or tacked down blocking your internal rotation.
      Both are addressed here
      Episode 229: Shoulder Internal Rotation, I Has It
      This shows the banded bully from another angle Banded Bully
      You’ll need to log in to watch the 2nd video.

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      AvatarLauren Baker

      Thank you for your detailed answer! 

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