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      AvatarMatt Tyson


      I have been having a problem with shoulder mobility (testing two arms overhead one falls way behind the other).  Had physio massage done, apparently neck nerve trapped, that has been resolved also shoulder joint was reset, but shoulder pain and limited ROM remained.  Have done about a week of nearly daily mobility work on all muscles on the back, shoulder, arm, pecks etc. still not luck. Could anyone help out at all? Having tight muscles around collarbone, not sure how to attack those! Would appreciate help as this is new issue that I never had before. 
      Thank you!
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      Avatar[email protected]

      I had very similar symptoms as you a few months ago. Check your hips! Good hips= stable hips= stable back= stable shoulder. I’ve had shoulder stability issues and neck pain purely because I couldn’t properly stabilize my hips and trunk. This is extremely important especially when we sit. No matter how much mobility you do in your shoulder and neck it will always round is stability isn’t acquired in the hips and trunk. If your center of gravity is off then everything else will compensate. 

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      Start with your spine.
      The spine is the carriage or chasse for the primary engines of the shoulder and hip.
      Disorganized at the trunk shoulder function is decreased.
      When disorganized less scapula function which is a loss of internal rotation.
      Disorganized at the pelvis hip function is decreased.
      Changing the position is the way to improve the function.
      A couple episodes to address the collar bone.
      Bubo Barbell Pec/Psoas Smash Quicky or What to Do With Those Bent Barbells
      Episode 18: Free Your Scap, Free Your Mind
      First Rib Mobilization
      Anterior Compartment Smash

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      AvatarMatt Tyson

      great, thank you so much for the responses! will give it a go! used to have problems with misaligned hips, but that is all cleared now. but I sit at work all day, so guess no matter how straight my back is all the sitting comes haunting at some point! 

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      AvatarMatt Tyson

      ended up going to docs and it was tendon inflammation. sorting it out now and still working on surrounding tissue mobility. 

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      AvatarHarry Palmer


      This is a great video that pertains to your issues.  Watch how much difference Jill makes in just a couple minutes in regards to her shoulder tightness.  I love this mob.


      Here is another winner to free up your neck/shoulder junction.  If you are new to pulling movements like deadlifts, cleans, and
      snatches, your upper traps can become very tight and affect your
      shoulders.  The lax balls can be pretty harsh so beware.  It works wonders though.  Kelly had us do this hugging a 45lb bumper at his seminar in May.


      Good luck.

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