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      AvatarWacey Connor

      Okay, so I have got this weird pain in right shoulder…to a lesser degree in the left but it doesn’t hurt as much. When I do push ups, regardless if they are assisted or normal ones, I have this pain in my right shoulder. Really weird, I can move it in all direction with no pain, like I can lift my shoulder above my head with no pain at all. I can do shoulder circles with no pain.  But as soon as I do pushups of any kind it start hurting. 

      What I mean by shoulder circles
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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      There could be tightness in the shoulder you can address with many videos on the MWOD site, you can get a 10 day trial to look at them if you aren’t a member. I would start with videos that address the biceps, pec wall and internal rotation. It is likely and muscle or capsular issue given it only hurt under load. You may also have technical errors in your push up. You can arrange for a virtual consult with anyone on our staff to really solve the problem, our emails are in our bios on the website.

      MWOD Staff

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