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      Alright guys I need some help. I’ve been crossfitting for over a year now. I have always had weakness and pain in my shoulder even before crossfit. I like to think of myself as fairly knowledgeable on mobility techniques and use them often. I’m not seeing a lot of success fixing myself.

      My pain occurs in a wide OHS position and in a wide bench press type position. It feels like a stabbing pain on the front (deltoid) of my shoulder. I don’t think anything is torn, not too sure. But it is in both shoulders. Any body have any experience with similar pain? Suggestions?

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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey Adam,

      You could be experiencing some impingement, which is basically just soft tissue getting pinched up in the joint. In this case, let’s use the overhead position as an example, it’s probably aspects of the shoulder joint capsule getting stuck in the subacromial space (beneath that pony point on the outside of your shoulder). This problem can occur easily overhead if the shoulder blade isn’t moving correctly along with your arm. The shoulder joint itself only has a limited capacity to accommodate raising your arm up; you’re able to reach overhead because your shoulder blade rotates to point the shoulder socket upwards.

      If this is the case, an easy fix that you might not have gone after yet is clearing soft tissues restrictions around the shoulder blade. Trace the inside and bottom angle of that sucker with your lacrosse ball, give it some room to breathe, and you might just find that pain disappear.

      From a motor control perspective, sometimes I find that people go overboard in their efforts to stabilize the shoulder overhead by trying to hold the whole shoulder girdle down and back. While you want to maintain some space between your shoulders and your ears, you still need to allow the shoulder blade to rotate (and elevate, a bit).

      I hope that offers some insight! If you’ve already done this, we’ll go back to the drawing board.

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      Iron tiger. Thanks for the insight, been researching hardcore the last few days and I think impingement seems to be the Commonality I am finding. I’ll try that out, I’ve done it but don’t know if I’ve been consistent enough with it.

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