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      AvatarEvan Taras

      I have had shoulder issues for a long as I can remember.

      I am a surfer and like to increase my range of motion and strength of my shoulders
      I have recently purchased the Waterman 2.0 but it is 380+ pages so it will take a little while to get though it
      This past weekend I went surfing and felt a lot of pain in my shoulders. It is in the front and goes down the inside of my biceps and even a little in my forearm. I also feel weakness in my arm.   My traps are sore and tightness on my neck
      The first thing I want to be able to do is identify all the dysfunctions. There is a ton of content here, so I wanted to be able to be able to get at the root of my issue. So I was looking for range of motion and strength test to be able to see where the problems are. Then come up with a plan.  
      Some additional background.  As a kid, I spent a lot of time with biceps.  Since I am a software engineer, I spend a good amount of time behind a desk
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      AvatarJulie Kraemer

      Did they reapond? I have same issue.

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      AvatarTravis Jewett

      These issues will have a lot to do with the environmental load of your job as well. You may have some issues in the neck and the nervous system that are the root of the problems as you describe pain and weakness that sounds like a nerve tension/irritation related problem. Look into the website on the things you can do for people in water sports, there is a category specific to that on the new website, thereadystate.com.

      TRS Staff

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