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      AvatarSamantha Jones

        Both my husband and I experience a sharp pain in our shoulders when doing jerks and push press. Other strict shoulders movements don’t feel bad and kipping feels fine too. Do you think this could be a shoulder mobility issue? We have been doing mobility wods focusing on pecs, lats, and scaps as well as some of the internal rotation stretches. Is this what you recommend? 

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          What is your technique for the jerk and push press like?
          Hand placement on the bar?
          A deviation that you are able to buffer in other shoulder  movements may not be able to be buffered here.
          Are you seeing improvements with what you are working on?

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          AvatarSamantha Jones

            My technique suffers because of the pain when getting in good position. I end up getting the bar path to far in front as I press up bc it hurts less than if it is straight up. Hand position is just inside shoulders. My husbands bar path is better but his hand position is wider about shoulder width or a little outside. He seems to have felt some improvement in the snatch but still has a pain in push press and jerk even with the extra mobility. What do you mean buffer in other movements? They don’t hurt bc we may make compensations?

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              Hands need to be moved out. Shoulder width or wider
              Your husbands hand positioning is better.
              Can you re create the overhead archtype?
              Are you in an organized active shoulder position?
              Has anyone looked at your technique/movement patterns with the jerk and push press?

              When your hand positioning is too close or there are restrictions somewhere within the system your body makes adjustments you may or may not be aware of so you can complete the task/movement.
              Your husband is seeing improvements, but there is more to go to work on especially if there are deviations in bar path or technique.
              These movements should not be painful.

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