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      mild pain in armpit….how does one know if labral tear or rotator cuff?  and what is rx?

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      A situation to see a doctor to determine if there is a tear and where it is located.
      This would determine what you do for treatment.

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      Hey Rod,

      Mild pain in the armpit doesn’t necessarily indicate a labral or RC tear (but if you’re unsure it’s definitely best to go get a professional diagnosis). Consider the huge amount of musculature that passes through that general area, and what tissue problems associated with that stuff might feel like (hint: gnarly).

      Get your diagnosis, but also see what you can do by cleaning up the lats, and hunt around the back of the shoulder a bit for stiff RC musculature (etc). I wouldn’t use a lacrosse ball for this if you’re experiencing significant issues, as it will probably just feel like someone’s driving an icepick through your shoulder, but even getting a soft foam roller up in that with your arm overhead might do some good.
      Just remember to avoid any sketchy, burny sensations, and get that diagnosis if it seems like it’s more than just a little mobility issue.
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