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      AvatarDavid Nebel
        Hello, I just joined the site and thought I would bother you with a problem I’ve been having recently.
        I have “tightness” in my shoulders and when I lay down (say getting to bed and trying to sleep) my arms start getting numb. I feel the tightness more in the anterior part of the deltoid muscle. Of course it might not have anything to do with the deltoid, but that’s where I locate the discomfort. I don’t have problems while performing any movements or lifts. 

        I think the issue is related to the overhead press. I used to have pain in the same area of my shoulders when doing overhead presses with dumbbells, which resolved when I switched to doing handstand pushup progressions. Now I’m doing overhead presses with olympic barbell and have no pain but do have this other symptom. Any idea what the issue might be and how to fix it? Thanks kindly in advance. 🙂
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        AvatarDavid Nebel


          So I lay on the ground and can get both of my shoulders back on the ground no problem. Well, let’s try this anyway… and POP goes the shoulder, I lift my arms up again and NOW I’ve got one shoulder on the ground and the other still not on the ground. Now I also got one numb arm and one not.
          I need to buy the book and get to work, apparently I can’t even tell when something is or is not working correctly with my body, nevermind start telling where the issue is.
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            It sounds like it would be helpful to consult a doctor to identify exactly what is going on.
            One arm going numb is a situation that usually involves a nerve.

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            AvatarDavid Nebel

              Thanks for the response. If I wasn’t clear in my previous post, I managed to clear my right shoulder with the abovementioned excercise, but the left one seems to be tighter. Hence just the left arm going numb anymore, when it previously was both. I only experience the numbness when I lay down, not during the day when I move about.

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                Any of these of these help?
                Overhead w/External Rotation Bias
                October 4th Daily Rx
                September 27 Daily Rx
                September 24 Daily Rx
                September 21 Daily Rx

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