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      AvatarPeter Waycott

      I have shoulder impingement in both shoulders. I also have a tear in my right labrum from a past injury. I do crossover symmetry exercises 5-7x per weekand tons of mobility techniques from this site. I also do CrossFit 5-7x a week. The only time that I am free from pain is after an overhead based workout with a proper warm up(snatches, OH squat, etc). It seems strange that what probably caused this issue in the first place is the only thing that gives me some relief. I’ve tried completely laying off overhead movements for as long as 4 weeks to no avail. I also had 2 cortisone shots in each shoulder. The ortho doc I saw for this about a year ago told me I would be back eventually for surgery when this injury affected my daily life, not just my CrossFit life. I own a gym and LOVE CFso it’s not going away anytime soon. I can still workout (although not to the level I was before this injury) and I still enjoy it ven though the pain can be severe at times. It also affect my everyday life. Normal things like pushing off the bed in the morning to stand up are very painful. I guess my question is, when is it time to go ahead with surgery? Is there anything I’ve missed? Anything else I should try before I schedule surgery? I am a construction manager so surgery would not greatly affect my work life. Just looking for some advice/guidance I guess. Thanks in advance for any advice.

      Also, if anyone has had surgery for this, what was your recovery time?

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      AvatarBobby Braxton

      Hey, Im a 36 yr female I had a type 4 SLAP tear, torn bicep tendon, 20% rotator cuff tear, and bone spur in my dominant shoulder. Injury pain was off and on, but constant pain since July, the worse was when trying to sleep and my arm always felt like it was going to fall out of my shoulder. Im a CrossFitter and I had stopped overhead things, pull ups etc in July and by Nov. I wasn’t improving so I had surgery. Repaired my labrium with 5 anchors, re attached my bicep tendon, cleaned my rotator cuff up and removed bone spur. MISERABLE, thats all I have to say, being in the sling immobilized for 6wks miserable, it wasn’t until 10 weeks that I could use bands and start getting strength back. PT is miserable, I’m 4 months out and still off work and still trying to get my ROM back. (I feel like I’m never going to get my ROM back, and I work my butt off everyday with mobility) If you do it be prepared for a long 9 months to a year for recovery. Get a good PT, one that is specific for athletes as my first PT was not knowledgeable with CrossFit.  Re tears are very common, be careful, I would try to avoid surgery at all costs, this really beats you up physically, emotionally and mentally. Best of luck.

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