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      I have a shoulder impingement in my left shoulder. As diagnosed by my physical therapist she did not say what was impinged but I believe it is the bicep tendon. I have been working on my mobility of both my shoulders and am seeing improvement, but the pain persists when doing pull-ups (most pain is during the negative about 3/4 of the way down when the tendon becomes impinged until the bottom of the movement) and overhead movements like OH squats.I have stayed away from these movements while trying to rehab. But now I am starting to have the same pain in my right shoulder. Like the left the right shoulder pain is in the front part of the delt but is only in pain when overhead. Am I doing something wrong? What can I do?

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      Good to hear you are starting to see improvements.
      Episode 31: 10 min squat & an Impingement Fix
      Episode 78: Un-impinge yourself from mental slavery

      Have you had someone look at your technique with pull ups?
      You may need to adjust your hand placement if it is too narrow or too wide.
      I would suggest the same for OHS.
      Your hand placement and shoulder organization could be contributing to the situation.
      You want your shoulder pit forward and your elbow pit to the sky
      Getting your arm into a better position will start to address the situation.

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