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      hi my name is Jude DeYoung, i am a 26 y.o. army veteran.

      i recently dislocated my left shoulder when i was assaulted in chicago’s englewood neighborhood
      unfortunately the VA hospital is not very good at treating its veterans
      i received this injury in june, it is now aug. two months later and i still have to wait another 2 weeks until my MRI appointment with the VA.
      my question is,
      Who do i go to that will properly diagnose my shoulder and treat it? an ortho doctor? 
      because i don’t know what is wrong with my shoulder i don’t know what to ask here unfortunately
      i do want to know if anyone has ever had a dislocation and how was theirs treated?
      i know that i will probably need an operation on it, has anyone received shoulder surgery and was it beneficial?
      will i ever not have pain or limited mobility in my shoulder?
      it is greatly affecting the quality of my day to day life.
      any input would be appreciated
      thank you.
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      What are you experiencing with your shoulder?
      Loss in range of motion? pain in the joint? muscles tenderness?
      Seeing an ortho will help you to know exactly what is going on.
      Where do you live? We may have contacts in your area.
      With the right treatment you should be able to restore a pain free no limits in mobility.

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      AvatarTyler Buck

      i live in chicago il

      i have loss of range of motion for the most part i cant lift my arm properly and completely i also cant put if to far behind my back.
      if i were to make a 90 degree angle with my arm facing upward it is in a different postion then my right arm.
      i dont know how exactly to explain because i cant show you.
      what i try to do is if im in a door way i come to this position and i can place both palms flat but my left elbow cant touch the wall as my right can
      i dont know if this helps…
      i have an mri scheduled with the VA coming up but i am afraid of having a operation. i dont know if that or PT is the best option.
      maybe i havent had the best PT treatment? 
      and with the level of treatment iv received at the VA i wouldn’t trust them giving me surgery
      my muscles are also a bit sore and my shoulder is also still slightly swollen
      i only have pain in the joint if i strain my shoulder i feel
      thank you
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