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      AvatarLukas S

      Dear all,

      I need help please I have Shoulder bursitis with impingement and I am under anti inflammatory I need advise please can I still train ? Any tips to improve this?

      Please don’t ignore me I need help here

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Things aren’t ignored on here.

      You may have upper body restrictions, however, you can use the rest of your body to train.
      What direction did the doctor give you?
      Physical therapy?
      How are you currently addressing it?
      Seeing any improvements?
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      AvatarLukas S

      I stopped all overhead movements and have been doing some shoulder stability exersices and I feel better but still pain when I rotate my shoulder behind me and clicking on my shoulder especially on wall sides.

      I am starting the physio next week,

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Stability exercises will help.
      Do you sleep on that side?

      Is the front of your shoulder, pec or collar bone area tight?
      This can pull the shoulder forward in the socket and you hit bone on bone earlier within the range of motion.
      Have you addressed internal rotation and extension of the shoulder?
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      Look forward to your update on your situation

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      AvatarLukas S

      Thanks Kaitlin I stopped sleeping on this side but like when I hold my arms on back squat I feel it in my front shoulder and also shoulder blade pain. I will check ur links thanks a lot dr said I have shoulder bursitis and tendentious and advised no upper body work but I still do some what is ur advise

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      AvatarLukas S

      By the way all internal rotation hurts me

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Not sleeping on that side is a great start.
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      Lacrosse ball to the pec and around the clavicle will address the front of the shoulder.

      Looking to reduce inflammation is most likely why they said no upper body work.
      Working up/downstream of the issue you’ll feed more slack to the area.
      The episodes in the post above address internal rotation.

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      AvatarLukas S

      Thank u so much but u agree on stopping the upper work, in fact I didn’t stop I only do rowing and no pressings and working on lower trappes and mid back I feel ok but I think I lost the mobility in my shoulder

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Movement patterns need to be corrected or the situation will continue to occur because the cause is still there.
      Continuing movement with deviations in technique reinforce incorrect movement patterns.
      Take a few steps back and work with some on correcting the positioning and movement patterns.

      You may need to do less upper body focused work as you are correcting positioning and movement patterns. Correcting the cause of the situation is the only way it will resolve. There are several things this may include mobility, stability, technique work, drills etc.

      Restoring shoulder full shoulder mobility is key as well.
      Full shoulder mobility/range of motion without pain.

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