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      I’ve seen that keeping the shoulder back in its socket is an idea that pops up often.   Are there times that it’s ok, or beneficial to let it move around in the socket?  For example, should I try to keep it pinned back in the 5-way shoulder episode movements, or let it range around and be pulled forward?

      Previously, as part of my warmup, I would hang, keeping my arms fixed and move my shoulders in circles, which would move my body around.  Is this movement good for shoulder mobility, or ultimately destabilizing?
      Thanks!  I’m a relatively new subscriber and MWOD has been great for me.
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Depends on what you are doing.
      You want the shoulder in the back of the socket so you have all range available.
      When the shoulder is in the front of the socket you hit bone on bone earlier which limits range of motion.

      You want movement through the joint.
      Yes there are times when your shoulder may be more forward in the socket.

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