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      hey guys been having so much trouble with my right side ebing alot junkier than left decided to go to chiro and got x-rays above
      he of course wants to see me every week now for 6 months to realign my spine for slight scoliosis due to my right leg is slightly shorter than the left causing pelvic alignment issue

      1 is there anyway i can help deal with this with extra mobility

      2 should i get the orthodontics he recommends to even it out , though he wont let me get hard ones he wants soft ones

      3. is this even large enough differance to be worried

      thanks all

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      Recommend doing some research on the orthodontics recommended.
      Is there an improvement seen when using them?
      Sounds like you are experiencing some things from the mis alignment.
      Get a second opinion if there are questions or un answered questions.

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