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      AvatarRupert Beharrell

      Hi there, new poster here (cyclist).

      I have just signed up in the hope of remedying some stiffness/discomfort I have felt in my glutes and hips for some time. The hip wheel and couch stretch I have started with are definitely hitting the spot – excruciating in the best sort of way!

      On the other hand, the ‘basic low back mobilisation’ with a tennis ball causes shooting pains that feel like an electric shock leading down into my glutes. In places this is only mildly uncomfortable but with the ball positioned closer to the spine it becomes intense. It only occurs on my left side (which incidentally is where my hip and glute discomfort is worse).

      A few questions:
      1. Are you able to offer a diagnosis here?
      2. Should I continue with the exercises (where they are not overly uncomfortable)?
      3. Given what I am experiencing are there other exercises that you would prescribe?

      Many thanks for your help,


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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Welcome Rupert,
      Good to hear you are using the hip wheel and couch to hit your target areas.
      You will need to see a medical professional for a diagnosis.
      No, you should not continue what is causing the electric shock leading down into your glutes.
      Working up and down stream of the hip and glutes can help improve these areas.

      There are a couple cycling specific Pro Episodes which may be a starting place.
      Pro Episode #7 – Solving Problems of The Bike Part 1: Hip Function

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        AvatarRupert Beharrell

        Thanks Kaitlin for the advice. Perhaps I shouldn’t have used the word ‘diagnosis’ but I was wondering, since this sensation is quite unusual (as far as I’m aware), if it might stick out and sound familiar to anyone? I’ve since read that it sounds like sciatica.

        Following the video I will be mindful of my position on the bike and I will also continue my hip and glute exercises to see if these help.

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Does this only occur when doing the low back mobilization?
      If it is sciatica there are some episodes which address this and the areas to address around it to improve the area.
      One to start with
      Saturday, January 5th, 2019 – Piriformis Smash to Improve Sciatica

      Saturday, January 5th, 2019 – Piriformis Smash to Improve Sciatica

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        AvatarRupert Beharrell

        Yes, the sensation only occurs when the lower back is pressed – either while lying on the ball or I can replicate it by pressing with my thumbs. I have in the past sometimes suffered lower back/glute pain on the bike but that has always been a conventional sore muscle feeling, quite different from this shooting/electric sensation. On the other hand, both have been worse on the left side so it seems they may be related.

        Thank you for linking that glute smash video – I can already see that looks ideal! I’ll mix it into my routine starting this evening.

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