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      AvatarBrian Waiser

      For anyone who has ideas. Hey guys, I am new to the boards and a community is the best way to get answers and advice so here it goes.

      Had an Mri on R Shoulder & R Elbow. Findings are as follows:
      1. R Elbow – Absolutely everything around the shoulder was beautiful. Nothing out of the norm. No -itis, no fluid build up, nada.
      2. R Shoulder – Mild Bicipital Tenosynovitis – Inflammation of tendon and tendon sheath of the long head of the bicep. Absolutely everything around it was, again, beautiful.

      My MD’s and I are a little baffled. The pain I get is on the lateral, medial, and posterior side of the elbow (slightly above). It never goes past my elbow and never goes up past the middle of my arm. It is never consistent as far as location, and never really sore. It either flares up in sharp shooting pains, or its not there.

      It started while training for rugby, high volume bench, rows, overhead press, weighted pull-ups. Bench would tweak it a little, but freaking push-ups would destroy it. On days with no bench, I would get into my first set of pushups and the pain would only come at the bottom of the pushups. Holding parallettes or kettlebells would hurt it considerably less, but still would put me down eventually. I could get through a lot more sets of pullups than pushups with no pain at all, until about 5 sets in, and only at the top of the pull-ups. Seems like when the elbow is full flexed. Somedays I would just be walking and it would go off like a fire alarm in a library.

      Another odd thing is Ring Fly’s dont hurt, and neither do Farmers Walk’s.

      ANYONE have any ideas or similar experience. P.S. – The mild bicipital tenosynovitis has never given my shoulder an issue. I have neck pain in the scalenes quite frequently, and down into the infra and spuraspinatus (teres muslces are a little tender as well). Took a few months off, still there. Thanks in advance.
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      Has anyone look at your technique with the elements that cause the pain?
      You may have a deviation in technique that is the issue.
      When doing push ups where are your elbows?
      Have you seen any improvements in the situation?
      Has it gotten worse?
      Are you doing anything to address the scalenes?
      The pain returned since the cause is still present.

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      AvatarBrian Waiser

      Thanks for the post.

      When I do pushups I primarily have hands aligned with shoulders, hands straight (so not turned in our out), and I go chest to ground. Whats wierd is when I hold on to parallettes or Kettlebells it doesn’t hurt. Makes me think it has something to do with wrist flexion (no pain in wrists though).
      I have been doing acupuncture, ultrasound, massage, and some resistance bands which seem to give me progress in the right direction. The pain is not there without doing things. I can do more pushups without pain now after not doing them for a while, but I am sort of nervous to do more because of a possible flare up, and it just feels like something is still there.
      I just started stretching and doing ART for the scalenes and when I hit pressure points I feel it shooting into my arm around the elbow. Not pain, but just a referral pattern of some irritation or something. Could be tight scalenes causing the whole pile.
      Thanks again for the response.
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