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      AvatarGareth Davies

      Hi there,

      I have been experiencing a sharp pain from the area of my right hip, along the sartorius, to the inside/bottom of the knee for the past week. 
      This sharp pain comes and goes, but a light/dull pain remains constant.
      This follows tweaking my lower back a couple of days prior to this pain starting, while doing a poorly executed squat clean… 10x 100m sprints on that same day, may have also played a part.
      I have no history of knee pain or hip pain. 
      I do have a history of lower back pain due to “sedentary lifestyle” but this has not been a problem for the past year as CrossFit/MobilityWOD has helped greatly towards alleviating this problem.
      At this time no back pain but pressure on L2-L3 does seem to connect with the dull hip pain, though does not induce the sharp pain.
      Lying down at certain angles, bending to ground, trying to lift heavyish objects etc. can exacerbate the pain.
      A visit to my PT a few days ago, unfortunately, did not help much.
      I would therefore appreciate any ideas on how best to tackle this.
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      A CNS tweak is tough because it is a primary threat to the organism.
      Pain is a lacking indicator. There can be an issue before there is pain.
      You need to prioritize the spine first always.
      Address the pressure on L2-L3 which may require seeing a different professional about it.
      Need to fix the spine first.
      The spine is the carriage or chasse for the primary engines of the shoulder and hip.
      Disorganized at the pelvis =hip function is decreased.
      Changing the position is the way to improve the function.

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      AvatarGareth Davies


      Much appreciated, Kaitlin.
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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey Costas,

      As Kaitlin said, spine stuff takes priority and all that, but as far as your hip-to-knee pain goes, have you considered that it might be as simple as a strained sartiorius?
      Consider for a moment the function of the sartorius, which is hip flexion / abduction / external rotation (basically the bottom position of your squat clean). If you are actively pulling yourself into the bottom to drop beneath the bar, it seems likely that that sucker was firing and doing some work. Your crappy rep might have caused some issues there.
      Also consider the fact that you were sprinting on the same day. As you extend that leg and internally rotated, dear Mr. Sartorius is going to be put under stretch, and then I would suppose it is active in driving that leg back forward.
      I guess it really depends on whether that pain feels “nerve-y”. Just an idea, really, but it seems to make sense. If your back isn’t too jacked up, and provided it doesn’t cause any sketchy pain, maybe try some cautious smashing of the flexor wad and thigh.
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      AvatarGareth Davies

      Thanks very much for your input.

      I believe you are also correct.

      I have done some “cautious” smashing all around that area and it has indeed helped to some degree as the dull constant pain has subsided as a result of this and also using a Compex.
      However, it seems to me that what Kaitlin described above as the cause of the sharp/”nerve-y” pain is, dishearteningly, accurate and the root of the problem.
      Thanks again.
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      AvatarLuis Marquez


      I have also dealt/ dealing with lower back issues.First and for most pin point the issue first then give this some thought….

       When you tweak your lower back (L1-L5) your bodies innate response is to protect the spinal cord and limit ROM. Your psoas(starts at L1) will tighten up right away to protect your spine from deviations. Once that happens your extension/ flexion will suffer. The psoas is also your biggest hip flexor. It being tight can in turn start to affect your other hip flexors, sartorius,from functioning properly like iron tiger explained. Getting that muscle to relax will do wonders for your low back and hips. Try some of the psoas smashing mwods.

      Hope that helps

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