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      Sorry for the wall of text but I’m in huge amount of pain. About 2 years ago I tweaked my pelvis deadlifting and immediately started seeing a chiropractor to put me on the road to recovery. About six months later I was back in the gym DLing and squatting again and doing little in the way of mobility work.  I would foam roll and do some static stretches but not much else. I started going through this pattern of re-injuring myself, seeing my chiro for a few weeks, hitting the gym again, and re-injuring myself again. These re-injuries were always located in my lumbar area/right glute. 

      At the beginning of the summer I found this site and started to do some focused and consistent mobility work. Slowly I started feeling less stiff than I had in years but a problem remained … my DL and squat form was crap due to a number of issues, no coaching and a weak core. Eventually I re-injured myself but the presenting pain is much different than it has ever been and there was no singular traumatic event that I can point to. In fact the week before my re-injury I felt obsoletely wonderful. I Squatted tuesday, deadlifted wednesday, and benched saturday with no issue. When I woke up sunday my right glute was in so much pain I couldn’t lift my outstretched right leg without it triggering sciatica down my hamstring, the back and front of my calf, and my lower right lumbar/glute area. I’ve had a few chiro adjustments since this injury but I’ve seen little improvement. Standing with a neutral spine there is no pain, but walking triggers pain as does sitting, and overextending/collapsing my lumbar spine. I get a limited amount of relief by stretching my hamstrings but overall things have not improved. Luckily I have a standing desk at home and work so I can stay relatively pain free if I stay in one place. 
      My chiro thinks I’ve herniated my l4 or 5 but we have no solid proof. He is recommending some PT as soon as my insurance kicks in 1 week from now. Should I get an MRI to see what exactly is going on? Anyone ever had a similar injury? I would be so eternally grateful to come out of this feeling mostly normal.  The idea of having chronic pain for the rest of my days is really scary.       
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      When you first injured your back what did you do to address the cause of the injury?
      Did you do any skill/drill work to improve your technique?
      Yes you saw a chiropractor, but this fixed the symptom of the injury (pain) not the reason the injury occurred.
       You continued to  injured yourself because the cause of the injury was not addressed.
      Your body is able to buffer anything for some time until it can’t any more (ie injury occurs).
      Have you worked with a coach on your deadlift and squat technique?
      Are you addressing your missing midline strength?
      The pain is different  probably based on the compensations your body was making to address tight areas, missing rom etc. Your body will search for tension and slack within the system to feed to a tight/less mobile areas.
      There isn’t necessarily a singular traumatic event that caused the pain.
      As Kelly notes an episode, and during the Movement & Mobility Seminar traumatic injury/catastrophic events accounts for 1-2% of injuries.
      You injury is most likely the cumulative effect of improper technique with the squat and deadlift.
      Deviations from proper mechanics will catch up with an athlete over time.
      Do you usually squat, deadlift, and bench all in the same week?
      Have you had any issues with it in the past?
      Pain is a lagging indicator.
      Although you may not have felt pain that doesn’t mean there wasn’t deviations in your technique when performing one or all of the lifts.
      Did you address the psoas?
      One reason you aren’t seeing improvement with your adjustments may be that the adjustment isn’t hitting an area involved with the cause or result of the injury.
      Until the root cause of the injury/re occurring injury is identified and addressed you will continue to see different symptoms show up.
      What is your position like when you are walking and sitting?
      These are impacting factors.
      If things are not improving with work it is time to re look at things because you are not targeting the correct areas.
      I would recommend seeing a doctor who can give you more information on exactly what is going on with the area(s) that are in question.
      What is he recommending you do for PT?

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