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      So in 2008 I had a very long fall into river.. long story but broke my left shoulder blade, 3 compression fractures in thoracic spine. No ones been able to help I’m still on narcotic pain meds due to severity of pain. My bones are healed according to doctors and nothing they can do for me. I just came across the Leopard book and I’ve tried the one lacrosse ball for shoulder mobility that seems to go okay. I also did two lacrosse balls with arms raised and arching over as I don’t have a rubbler. But somehow I overdid it and right between my shoulder blades on the spine is sharp pain. Does one keep at it? Lesson how many exercises? Or do them every other day? I wonder if it may hurt a little more at first. I’d like to get mobility back and hopefully reduce severity of pain. Any suggestions?

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        It should not be painful.
        If it feels sketchy it is sketchy so go to something different.
        It may be beneficial to start with a softer ball.
        I would recommend getting one of the Yoga Tune Up options:
        Therapy Ball  
        Therapy Plus Ball
        You can use both in the mesh tote they come in to replace the 2 lacrosse balls taped together.
        Do 10-15 a day.
        This can be before or after a workout or at a completely different time of the day.
        Did I over do it?
        From the FAQ
        Only you can answer that question. The MobilityWod program has often
        been described as self-inflicted torture. But, don’t be foolish – if you
        think you are injuring yourself, STOP. Don’t over do it. More is not
        necessarily better.

        I broke my shoulder blade and collar bone on the same side at the same time.
        I have no pain, restriction on movement, and no rom limitations.
        Establishing improved positioning with your shoulders and t spine may help address the pain that you are experiencing.
        Clear the T-Spine, Now We Can Start Talking Shoulders
        Basic T-Spine Mobilization
        T-Spine Plate Smash
        T-Spine Smash – Double Lacrosse Ball
        T-Spine Overhead Barbell Smash
        A Better Upper Back Extension-izer
        Pro Episode # 9 – Spinal Archetypes
        Episode 283: Resetting After a Shoulder Tweak/Brutally Sore Shoulders
        Episode 199: A Word About Your Shoulder Health
        Pro Episode # 40 – Pro user Request Friday: Spinal Rotation and Forward Head

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        Thank you for response and the links in where to start. Yah I think the two lacrosse balls for feline smash may of been too much I’ll try softer. I just doing little less with the one lacrosse on left and right side. I will look into rest of this.. I’ve tried a lot of PT over years, chiropractor and massage. So I’m hoping if stick with mobility and everything here it will help. Thanks for info and what to look for. Its hard to keep at it sometimes especially when it gets sore and flares up easily. But I gotta lower my shoulders so they’re not up and me hunched a tad.

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          I would also recommend watching the webinar The Athletic Shoulder Anatomy, Physiology, & Function

          This will help set a foundation in your understanding of the shoulder and how it works.

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          Does it ever feel a little more sore/inflamed before it gets better? I was kinda thinking it may because you are using and moving muscles that have been so tight for years. I’ve heard some crackling too during exercise, this is okay right?

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          How long do I keep at it? Or when will I notice improvement? Its been years with this pain it’d be nice if I can’t get off pain meds to least lesson my flare ups that cause me to leave work early.

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