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      I get some clunking around my AC joints in both shoulders when I roll them forward whilst pinching my shoulder blades together. I get the same sensation when driving if I turn the steering wheel to the right.
      I have fairly good general mobility in the shoulder and can externally rotate over head etc.
      What I’d like to know, is what tests can I perform myself to find out where my problem lies?
      For example, how can I tell my scapulae are working properly/moving well?

      I’m already performing mobs working on my T spine and overhead ER. They help my OH positioning, but not making any impact on the ‘clunking’

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      Have you worked with a coach performing the skills where you have restriction?
      Video tape these movements so you can see exactly what is happening.
      Have you addressed up/down stream of where you are seeing the issue?
      Where you see an issue isn’t always where it originates

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