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      AvatarLevi Mező

        Big fan of kstars book. 

        Im working on some bad habits ive adopted after years of no coaching and working all the lifts out myself. 
        In the squat section he talks about screwing your feet into the ground once they are in the correct position. 
        silly question but Screwing the feet means your attempting to twist them externally like forcing the toe end of each foot away from each other (while the feet still stay forward)  and this creates torque ?
        Amiright ?
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        AvatarScott Tricarico

          Hey Jack,

          You’re more or less right but keep in mind that “screwing your feet into the ground” isn’t the end goal.  The end goal is externally rotation the hip/femur.  Just like saying “knees out” isn’t really the goal, it’s just a good cue for making sure you/the athlete is rotating the hip/femur and tightening up the hip capsule.
          I say that because some athletes I work with have too much rotation at the knee and can drive their knees out or screw their feet into the ground without actually affecting the hip.  If you feel a “wound up” or tight sensation in the hip you’re doing it right.  
          Also a tip: make sure your trying to maintain that sensation throughout the movement.  That includes the descent, bottom and ascent.   You shouldnt have to “drive out” at the top, if you maintained ER torque, it should happen automatically.
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            Yes screwing your feet into the ground while keeping your toes forward creates torque. I believe the range on your toes turning out is 7-11 degrees. Kelly addresses this in a couple episodes.

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            AvatarLevi Mező

              Thanks for the responses guys

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              AvatarCristine Tan

                I’m just not following I guess. I get feet straight, squeeze rear. Screwing the feet 1) feel nothing much in my hips 2) just feels like my knees are twisting apart at the joint more specifically the outside and lower part of my knee

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                  You are not fully understanding how to screw your feet into the ground.
                  Screwing your feet into the ground involves more than your feet.
                  In the below video, Kelly explains creating torsion in the foot in relation to running. 2:03
                  You want your feet straightish (7-11 degrees is the range) Standing you want them straight.
                  Ready to run progression 1

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                  AvatarCristine Tan

                    Watched the video. I might have just been twisting into the ground too hard. Either way it really just doesn’t open then hips for me when just standing. I’ve tried several different methods. Once I tighten the rear up my hips don’t move. Sorry if I’m beating a dead horse here. Just not working for me.

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                      You are not fully understanding what is required when screwing your feet into the ground.
                      Your glutes are contracted 20% not 100%.
                      Identifying the amount of contraction required to perform the movement/skill is an important aspect.
                      You may start by contracting 100% and back off accordingly for the movement/skill being performed.
                      As Kelly has noted in episodes a cobra isn’t cobra tight all the time because that is expensive and not needed all the time. At certain times yes, 100% is required at other times 100% is not required.
                      Do you know a coach who can help you better understand this concept?
                      Watching a video about this could help or finding a written explanation may help better understand the concept so you can apply it.

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                      AvatarNathan Richer

                        If feet screwing isn’t working, you might also try keeping the feet straight but then screwing your upper legs outward which then turns the kneecaps slightly to the outside of straight.  Try this a few times and you’ll feel the torque generated at the hips.  Also in order to screw your upper legs outward, you’re gonna have to activate the glutes to do it.

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