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      AvatarBob Keeler

      Notice Kelly talks a lot about Smashing   scar tissues or sticky tissues usually with lacrosse ball.  I have been doing the smashing technique for a while as well.   Does he also recommend any scrapping techniques like  Graston?

      There are effective tools to do this on oneself, if do a lot of research to learn to do properly.  I am wondering what kelly’s thought on this technique and if he offer videos
      Here is some tools similar to what I uses to scrap my “Stuck” tissues .
      Also what is Kelly’s opinion on cupping techniques and tools for accomplishing muscle tension release?  Here is one example of cupping tool for this purpose 
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      If it is something that works for you and you see improvements then do it.
      If there are techniques where you see improvements use them.
      It may not be something that is shown on an episode, but there are multiple ways to address different situations. Different approaches work different for different people and different areas of the body.

      Seeing a practitioner is very beneficial. It is a skill in and of itself.
      I have had some graston done on scar tissue with improvement.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      I am a self scraper with some gua sha and myofascial tools bought off the internet. i would say that going to a practictioner to scrape you is much better than self scraping.  they have more sensitivity to the vibrations caused by tissue as the tool moves across a muscle than i do, as they have more experience with it. they know how much to scrape and when to stop, when they feel the tissue starts to change. i sometimes can feel it and sometimes i cannot (more often not).

      i also think that self scraping is limited by your own strength/endurance in your hands/arms and that it is tiring to apply scraping for a long time and over many body parts.  i think it is also limited to mostly anterior body structures when self scraping. it’s hard to reach around to your posterior structures and get enough leverage to scrape with force and depth.  someone else scraping you can reach all over your body.
      smashing with a ball MWOD style can reach all over the body and has the advantage of using your own body weight to apply pressure.  Thus you can get to places you can’t get to with self scraping, and with the appropriate amount of force and pressure without wiping yourself out.
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      My experience has led me to believe the following:

      Scraping – Optimal for restructuring damaged tissue and working out minor superficial/surface adhesions.

      Smashing – intended for deep tissue adhesions/knots/trigger points as well as assisting with delaminating tissues and for adding mobility/flexibility/tissue length.

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      AvatarAdrian Fournier

      I am really amazed about this, I will now suggest this therapy to my mother who suffers from blood circulation problems since a long time ago, I guess she is going to be happy at knowing there´s something more to deal with this than just pills and drops.

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