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      Hey guys,

      Ive been diagnosed with a L5S1 disc compression right side, physio was
      ineffective, so I had a cortisone injection a couple days ago.

      My main concern is I can’t even reach my knees bending down, keeping legs and back straight, without shooting pains.

      though the disc bulge is recent, I have had these sciatic symptoms of
      not being able to reach the toes for as long as i can remember

      My question is, as I’m about to start stretching out again:

      1. Should I just keep to the basic hip and glute stretches with gentle core

      2. Should I stop being a pansy and just push through the pain when flossing using
      the slump test stretch? Does this technique even work if I keep at it?

      3. Am I missing something? Seems I’m just going around in circles.

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      Hey Cameron,

      Good luck with everything, this can be a slow road. I tore my L5 about 3 years ago and it took me a while to root around and find things that really dealt with the problem. Here’s the stuff that works for me:

      1.get a lot stronger in your kore. This will make it safer to move and not turn on your sciatica. I really like kettlebells and yoga, but there are other things.
      2. Work on your posture, don’t slouch when you sit. Sit less and stay braced.
      3. To turn off the sciatic pain, I stick a lacrosse ball in my QL and work it through. It is an intense, amazingly painful experience, but it really helps break the nerve pain cycle.

      I wouldn’t stretch, I think that will aggravate your sciatica more. I would work on basic positions; deep, unweighted squat, smashing your glutes and hamstrings, and freeing your t-spine. All of these things have videos here on the site. Good luck.


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