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      I have been an olympic weightlifter for a long time. I have sciatica really bad(or pain in my right buttocks that at time radiates down my leg). It started with lower back pain and then manifested into sciatica after a nice behind the neck jerk session! I have been needled and treated by a PT and still the pain persist. Now the PT seems frustrated and says she thinks its a labrum tear? However, I don’t have any of those symptoms present. Has anyone else experienced this. 

      I reset my hips on a daily basis and I seem to constantly get a clunk sound. I am told  by my chiro that my hips are off.
      I also notice that as the day goes on it seems to hurt less and less. To the point where I can do training. But in the morning the pain is really bad (take your breathe a way bad)!
      Any advice community!
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      I had the same type of pain you are describing.  After x-rays and MRI, the neurologist told me I had SI joint inflammation, prime cause too much sitting.  Been working on the mobility and strength, seems to be helping

      What techniques do you use to reset your hips if I could ask?

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