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      AvatarMG LD Tester

      Hi, I injured myself sbout a year ago, too heavy overhead and knackered my lowerback. MRI sunmary :Posterior annular tears with disc herniations causing mild canal stenosis at L3-L4 and mild neuroforaminal stenoses at L4-L5!

      Slowly getting back into working out with no issues. I also visited a chiropractor for a while with no problems but recently I have started to get serious sciatica on right side on a daily basis goes away when I am sitting and oddly enough during workouts but as soon as I walk or stand it flares up.

      Any thoughts and ideas greatly appreciated.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas
      Good to hear you are getting back to working out pain free.
      Sometime the piriformis can become inflamed and presses against the sciatic nerve, causing pain.
      You may be walking in a position which fires things up.
      Standing from a low sitting position can fire up sciatica. Try sitting on a higher seat or stool.
      Have you spoken with your chiropractor or a coach about this experience?
      What changed when the sciatica began?
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      AvatarMG LD Tester
      Thank you for your reply,

      I haven’t talked to chiropractor as I am changing. I have started to work on strengthening back through accessory work, daily couch stretches and band work.

      Basically the change that occured was a move from a dull muscular pain in lower back to a pain that fires up from buttock through leg. 
      I had been using a Swiss ball as a means of sitting and was told this might not have been the best idea by a physio.
      I will look at video and get back to you. Thanks once again.
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas
      How is the strength work going?
      Are you seeing improvements within your situation?
      What is the cause of the original dull muscular pain?
      Was there a specific movement or injury that brought it on?
      Has this been resolved?
      How is your sleep quality?
      Optimizing your sitting/driving position will help.
      What do you wear for shoes during the day?
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      AvatarMG LD Tester


      So been to a physio who has done some dry needling and given me te following to do every day twice a day:
      Mckenzie Extension
      Child’s Pose
      Sciatic flossing
      Side planks one legged stand ups
      Backwards lunges.
      The sciatic pain seems to have died down although still limping and pain down the outside of my leg means I cannot put wait on my right foot and am hobbling half bent over. 
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas
      Are you seeing improvements with the work you are doing?
      Is the pain on the outside of your leg new since the sciatic pain has resolved?
      Physio have any thoughts on the cause of the pain on the outside of your leg?
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      AvatarJames Meehan

      RE: Letter from a user of the LeanRite Standing Desk Chair

      “I wanted to let you know that my employer, Hippocrates Health Institute, bought your chair about one month ago and I freakin’ LOVE IT!
      I am young at 38 but have a terrible congenital back issue which makes sitting painful. I love how I can lean into the chair or lean back into it, this makes me be able to stand for long periods of time. I also really like the thick mat for cushioning for standing which is part of the chair. I have never used it as a stool.
      Thank you for designing and selling this standing chair. I hope with time that more employers, employees, and self-employed people learn about this and buy it to SAVE THEIR BACK.
      I asked my neurosurgeon after my back surgery what I should do to protect it and he said, “Sitting is the worst thing that you can do for your back.” I’m SO grateful you’ve created something comfortable to replace sitting for me.
      In kindness
      Heidi C. LCSW, CSE”
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      AvatarRob Collins

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