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      AvatarHagop Giragossian

        Hey congrats on your awesome site, loving all the videos.

        One issue that i would like some into on is I am suffering from scapular winging and furthermore when hanging from a pull up bat I feel a sharp pain around my right armpit. 
        I a few years back I had numbness, weakening etc of my right arm. i found that I had a herniation on the C6-C7 and I did a lot of physical therapy which got rid of the symptoms except for some weakness left and the winging when attempting push ups especially.
        I am working on my thoracic mobility plus my right shoulder is in a forward position, so I’m also working on the pc minor, and trying to get the arm to move in the socket, which on the right side is strange cause the shoulder tends to want to move up.
        Any info would be awesome thank you very much keep up the great work!!!
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          AvatarHagop Giragossian

            Hey thanks for the vids I have seen some of them already will see the rest too.

            The numbness was resolved, I have not experienced any for 2 years maybe. The weakness has been resolved to a certain point, however I still have an issue when executing push ups and pull ups are out of the question due to the pain mentioned. Bending my head towards the left armpit causes pain also if exaggerated. 
            I was wondering, how great is the relation between scapular positioning and core stability, cause i noticed than if I really brace hard, like 75-80% when retreating the shoulder it does not wing really, without load.
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              AvatarHagop Giragossian

                I watched the remaining episodes and I have been doing most of the mobs(as I already have the supple leopard book) for around a week or so, today i added a couple more. I do 1 session a day and sometimes 2 when addressing the lower body too. 

                Thank you

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                  Pick a max of 3 mobs to do each session.
                  Going for quality time spent.
                  Where this isn’t a new situation I recommend hitting your shoulder morning and night.
                  Your body needs the reminders and stimulus of the changes you are looking to make.
                  It won’t always be like this, but in the beginning this helps alot.
                  On your second session you don’t have to cover everything you did in the 1st session. Maybe you hit 1 thing in the second session and move on to another area.

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                  AvatarHagop Giragossian

                    Ok great, so like t-spine, pec minor, and ribs 1 session, 2nd, posterior shoulder mobs, band, kettle bell, and some subscap work ??? gotta throw the neck tissue mobs there too.

                    That 1st rib I think is causing some problems, but how about the strengthening part of it.
                    I mean you know the scap winging, I’ve done a lot of different things, Im wondering what to keep and what to throw away. 
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                      Yes that sounds like a starting place.
                      Yes add the neck tissue mobs in too.

                      Yes, the first rib acts like a pump and can impact this.
                      Which elements are you seeing the most improvement with?
                      Have you hit traps or delts?
                      Identifying what around the shoulder is tight and working with those aspects is an important part.
                      It can mean hitting the same areas a few different ways.
                      Jill Miller has some great quick fix videos  that address the neck, shoulder,  upper back, and a stress relief video.
                      You can receive a free quick fix here others are available for a small fee.

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                      AvatarHagop Giragossian

                        I have hit traps quite a bit, delta so and so. The funny thing is I’m under the impression, that even though my problems are felt on my right side, it seems like the when i mobilise etc my left side to have more sensitive points. Is it possible for the left side to cause problems on the right???

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                          Yes, you can have compensations on one side in response to tightness restrictions on the other side.
                          Are you mobilizing both sides or one side?
                          If you are only mobilizing one side its not out of the ordinary that the other side may have spots that are more tender than the impacted side.
                          Your left side needs attention as well.

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                          AvatarHagop Giragossian

                            I am working on both sides but I have definitely put more into my right side. 

                            Fact is that the only really painful thing is attempting to stretch my levator, and mobilising  my calfs which I doubt has anything to do with my general issues.
                            My question is when to start lets say trying a push up? When the mobility is there totally or before already?
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                              Are you able to replication proper positioning for a push up?
                              You can test/retest a push up when you feel ready.
                              You’ll never know if you are ready for push ups if you never try them.
                              Preforming pushing will highlight areas that still need attention or let you know that things are in a good place and your mechanics/technique are dialed.

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                              AvatarHagop Giragossian

                                Ok thanks well, I the shoulder still wings on the push up so I guess I have some room for improvement thanks for all the help.

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                                  Are you actively pulling the shoulder blade into your body for an organized shoulder position?
                                  You may not have optimal hand placement.
                                  Have you looked at your pressing mechanics?
                                  Pressing Mechanics and The Knee Pushup Up Disaster/Froning and Bailey Edition
                                  Episode 236: Overhead Wrist Dysfunction

                                  Do you know someone who has a slingshot you can try?
                                  I’ve used it with several people to correct/better understand hand placement and positioning.
                                  Movement Transfer Exercise: The Pushup & The Slingshot
                                  Are you missing range in your shoulder?
                                  Episode 158: Normal Shoulder Have FULL Range
                                  Episode 34: Bridal MWod: Bride/Operator Shoulders; IR Rotation/Scap Gliding

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                                  AvatarGill Nitzan

                                    That is mainly the issue, with my right shoulder blade I have a hard time pulling it into position, it is clear that i cannot set it like my left one. But today at least I got some progress with the 1st rib mobs, started reaching those painful points, and breaking them up especially on my left side.

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                                      Good to hear you getting to the bottom of what is causing your movement restrictions and seeing improvements.
                                      Have you watched this webinar? The Athletic Shoulder: Anatomy, Physiology & Function
                                      This will help build an understanding of how your shoulder works.

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                                      AvatarGill Nitzan

                                        Great video really enjoyed it. Liked the whole getting into the scapular winging issue, which brings forth the interesting facts, as e.g my right tricep is not that strong very sore to use, and the bicep is pretty tight so they could be pulling on that scap anteriorly too I guess. Maybe its not the pec minor so much anymore. More that and parts of the deltoid.

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                                        AvatarChris Montanaro

                                          I have struggled with this for a long time as a former asymmetrical throwing athlete. Kait’s on point about the push-up diagnostics, and the use of a slingshot. I made my a loop with a weak theraband to encourage proprioception in that region during the push-up and it has helped a lot. One thing that has helped me is inverted rows concentrating on internal rotation and a pause at the top of the maneuver. Feels unnecessary to the uninitiated but after a set take a look at your resting scapula posture. I found it really flattens the blades to the rib age and encourages the coveted posterior tilt as well. All that being said–one night of sleeping weird on my side will have me revert back

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                                          AvatarGill Nitzan

                                            Im a side sleeper and it seems to be a problem no matter how i place my arms. It really messes up the mobility work I do. Thanks for the input!!!

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                                              With situations that need attention you may need to do something that others may not do.
                                              There is nothing wrong with that because you are addressing a situation the other person/people are not dealing with.
                                              Good to hear you identified something that is helping the situation.
                                              Yes, side sleeping can be an issue as the top shoulder many times has the scapula winged and reinforces the poor positioning…

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                                              AvatarHagop Giragossian


                                                So I have been working on the different mobs, got a gemini (its amazing) and what I’ve noticed is that the most beneficial mob is setting the shoulder one, with the kettlebell and with distraction. What I must point out is that I don’t feel real pain in anything other than that underarm area. 
                                                Where I really feel intense discomfort is on my legs. Especially my quad/hip flexor and my calves. This brings up my question: could muscular issues stemming from the lower body cause problems on the upper body? I always focused so much on my upper body due to the discomfort that I never really payed any attention to any issues lower, and they seems to have grown.
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