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      AvatarJaziel Solis


      I get a lot of scapular winging on both sides when I put either
      one of my arms behind my back. Upon looking into this further common advice
      points to a weak
      under active serratus and damage to the long thoracic nerve.

      sure there’s other things that can cause this or add to this issue in terms of
      tight or restricted areas that may need addressing. Can anyone suggest some good
      mwod videos (pro non pro) that discuss this topic? –
      I’ve had a look and can’t
      find any that discuss scapular winging specifically. 


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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      Scapular winging when putting the hand behind the back is likely not long thoracic nerve damage. With nerve damage the scapula would be winged out at rest. You are probably just super tight in the front of your shoulder. Address it with videos about the anterior pec wall and internal rotation. If you aren’t a member already you can sign up for a 10 day trial.

      MWOD Staff

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      AvatarJaziel Solis

      Great, thanks again Travis!

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