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      Ive been working on fixing my shoulder for a while. I had a traumatic very minor injury years ago, which was healed properly, then I moved poorly for years and as I heard(and experienced) already injured body parts are very sensitive for bad positions. I went to doctors, coaches, chiropractors, physical therapist and all of them failed to recognized my problem: bad moving patterns(motor control issues), trigger points, and from repetative tweaks/pain I probably developed a habit of “overprotecting my shoulder” which caused it to be more and more stiff. As you will see my scapula motor control problem is pretty obvious. After a while few doctor said I had to do surgery. Boom, they found nothing, but a bit irritation in the labrum-sign of bad movement patterns. My rehab from injury went the same (“make your weak muscles stronger so you will have more stability YWT” “sqz your shoulder blades together when raising your arms etcetc” “give up all sports, but you can run” and all of those classic bullshit) despite my best efforts to find the best practitioners- its a small, poor country.

      I identified the problem, I work on that for a while, I followed mwod and did the mobilizations, tried lots of things. Lately I showed some improvements, I could do few pullups with bands,elevated pushups and not having problems for a months or 2. As I continued my research I came up with the idea to make a video of myself to see whats going on with my scapula.

      So here is the video of my doing the first 3 excercises from the crossover symmetry program https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27ZQVERAyjo&feature=youtu.be

      Now I see that my right scap acts very strange.

      So should I completely stop doing pullups and stuff till I correct this?
      How can I improve my scapula positioning when I dont see my back during excercise?
      Any idea how could I make improvement?

      Thank you,

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      AvatarNathanael Alexander

      “My rehab from injury ” I meant my rehab from the arthroscopic surgery.

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