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      Hey mWod,

      Over the past month and a half I’ve been developing pretty serious neck pain and aches around the base of my head, neck and traps. Basically any movements such as sitting at a desk, looking down, sleeping on my side or reclined in a chair triggers pain, intense tightness and feelings of nausea. I’ve done some research and self tests and have concluded that my scalene muscles are causing the pain and may also be causing my tennis elbow. I consider my training to be quite varied and am unsure why the sudden onset of neck pain occurred. I was wondering if the Community could recommend some MWod magic or share some info about the scalenes.
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      Check out the three videos below. Two directly effect the scalenes and the third will help loosen up the t-spine. Be very conscious of your neck positioning during the day. As a good rule of thumb is the ear should be directly over the shoulder and the shoulder should be directly over the hip in both standing and sitting. Many times these problems occur due to years of having the neck in a very forward position. We see this predominately in people with occupations that require significant amounts of time sitting.
      Good luck and take care,
      MWOD Coach

      Jill Miller and Your Dys-Supple Neck

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      Awesome! Thanks for the video links. It just seems really strange to me that the pain onset relatively quickly. Could it have been aggravated by something like an ART treatment on my neck or tired and tight shoulders from a recent workout? 

      Thanks for your help
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      Probably not from an ART treatment but definitely from tight traps/shoulders after a workout. Sometimes it’s simple things that are just the last straw and then you have some significant pain. 

      Good luck with the self mobilizations in the videos.
      MWOD Coach
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