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      AvatarAneel Nath

      I apologize if this has been discussed.

      I love SL and MWod as a modality I implement with my clients.  The community and website are great.  What I’m looking for and not sure if it is something in the works is a way to put together Rx plans.
      What I do now is copy pages from the book. I have literally destroyed my copy of SL so I can copy individual pages and hand out descriptions of exercises to my clients.
      Are you working on or planning to put a program together for MWod coaches similar to what PT’s have in their practices?  Programs like Exercise Pro or Hep2Go.
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      There are a few rx episodes if you look through the Episodes archive.

      You can use the favorites (just under the video) to collect perform, recover & episodes to create an archive of your own. I understand it wouldn’t be organized, however, a quicker way to reference.
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