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      AvatarChristopher Kumfer

      Hi, I have just seen a running warm up protocols posted on the MWOD facebook page – are these videos saved anywhere for members on MWOD dot com?

      Also, I love the content that Kstar puts out, would there be anyway that it could also be added to this site so that there is a back catalogue taht can be view? Maybe in the podcast section?
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      The run warm up was in a recent newsletter(8/22). It is not posted on the site yet.

      These episodes are added in the Episodes tab under programming. They are Pro Episodes or community episodes.
      Pro Episode Squatting or Pulling? Feet are the New Black
      Pro Episode Abdominal Volume
      Pro Episode Planking
      Pro Episode Scapula Winging
      The above are all there.

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