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      AvatarJay Shervin

      Hey all, 

      Would appreciate a bit of direction with regards to a recent recurring injury. I’m doing a lot of hiking and rucking at the moment, and when i begin descending downhill (ether loaded or unloaded) i develop symptoms similar to IT band syndrome; with pain on the outside of the knee around where the hamstring and calf connect behind the knee cap. I’m unsure if this would be ITBS or another issue, maybe tight calves? Just to reiterate, the pain only occurs when going downhill, flat or uphill theres no issues whatsoever. 
      The pain doesn’t occur when doing squats, lunges, box jumps or any other S+C exercises, just very specific to walking downhill.
      I’ve tried everything from lower leg mobilisations to TFL mobs and everything inbetween but the problem keeps popping up.
      Many thanks in advance 🙂
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas
      I’d recommend seeing someone to determine what is going on.
      Have someone take a look at your technique when walking downhill.
      A couple episodes to start with:
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