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      AvatarChriStina Caesar

        Hey Mwod,

        I am a collegiate rower in Canada just coming back from an injury. Thanks to MWOD, I have figured myself out and am improving in leaps and bounds by actually committing time everyday to mobilize my anterior chain preventing some nasty over extension, and am standing instead of sitting while studying.
        My question is this, in the fall season, we are mainly sweeping, which adds a rotational component into the usual deadlift/squat type movement that is the rowing stroke, how do you effectively brace when adding rotation, and what should be the focus position wise? As well, you can tweak foot angle in the boats, are there any adjustments that should be made when sweeping, or what is ideal in both sweeping/sculling?
        By the end of our season, most of our men’s eight is complaining of hip/back/shoulder pain, and I think changing that would mean a big improvement.
        Thanks in advance for the speed!
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        AvatarEllie Cooper

          In sculling you should be keeping your lumbar spine in neutral, not flexion or extension and should be reaching with your thoracic spine. The lumbar spine does not handle twisting motions well so that is where most of the low back injury’s come from sweep rowing. When sweep rowing try to keep the lumbar neutral try to twist from the thoracic spine instead of lumbar 

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          AvatarChriStina Caesar

            You are right thanks Kaladze! does anyone else have any input on bracing cues or strategies when adding rotation components to powerful movements?

            Or suggestions for mwod videos that may explain?
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