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      hey guys just started doing overhead squats at my box however when i’m putting my arm back down i feel pain in my right side along the lat but I’ve rolled it out and the pain it still there it feel like its in my ribs when i place my hand on the spot its right below the point on the bottom of the scap and feels like it moves into the ribs i have provided the a picture and the pain is where my fingers are pushing in again i only feel the pain when I’m bring my arm back down from over head out to the side 

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      AvatarTeric Smith
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      AvatarAnnie Dino

      Sounds like a Serratus Anterior issue to me.. could be a little of the Teres group. 

      I think there are some videos on here about trying to separate lat and serratus. I would try taking the pointy end of the Gemini and digging that in just anterior to the lat muscle belly. With the gemini wound up in there start moving your arm to that over-head squat position. Work that same motion with the Gemini starting way up in your armpit and move down until you run out of lat to put that thing in. Then I’d take a lacrosse ball to your serratus and intercostals. 
      Shoulders can be a pain in the ass. That’s what I would start with though. 
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      Lewis, in addition to what Colin suggested, also try the first mob in this video: http://www.mobilitywod.com/daily/tuesday-february-3rd-2015/

      I’ve had issues in the same area and this banded distraction has become a go to for me. 
      Also try putting the gemini horizontally inside each scap and doing backstroke as you lie on the floor. You can also rotate the hand, come in from the top of the opposite leg etc. You may also benefit from putting a lacrosse ball under each trap, bridging your hips up and doing snow angels and backstroke. Even though these mobs will be above the trouble spot you describe, they might feed slack downstream and provide some relief. 
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