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      It seems to stem from poor sleeping position, but when i extend my arm above 90 it hurts regardless of pressing or pulling. I have started doing the 5 way shoulder routine and i seems to be most tender when i have my palm facing up and arm stretched lateral behind me. I am having trouble doing most presses and throwing/ catching. Internal rotation is painfull as well as the down portion of pushups.  thanks for any help in advance.

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      Have you changed your sleeping position?
      How far can you extend your arm when laying on the floor?
      Is your shoulder starting in a stable position?

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      I have changed to sleeping on my back with lots of pillows, if I press on my front delt/pec area I can extend fully pain free. With a band wrapped around my delt I can do this also. I have lots of integral rotation at my shoulders that I’m resolving.

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      Pressing on your pec puts your shoulder in a better position.
      Make sure you are starting in an organized position.
      Have you done any 1st rib mobs?
      Laying on your back are you able to bring your arm from by thigh to overhead?
      Are you seeing improvements with what you are doing?

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      I am seeing good results with what im doing, but I would like to check out the 1st rib mods.
      As of today I can get 80% of my range of motion compaired to my left arm.
      Thanks so much for you time and help.

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