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      AvatarAustin LeForce

        For the past few years i have been suffering with serious pain in the right side of my neck when i rotate my head to the right. My right trap, right side of my chest, lower back and rhomboid are significantly less developed on my right side. My physio has told me that my right shoulder is forward an entire inch compared to my left side, and that my external and internal rotation of my right shoulder is limited. The physio i see practices wave mobilization, and on my first visit he succeeded in setting my shoulder back to its correct position. As soon as this was done i had complete range of movement in my shoulder and the pain in my neck dissapeared, i could also feel the undeveloped muscles on my right side working again. Unfortunateley, as soon as i get back to training my shoulder pops forward again :(. My right upper trap and pec minor also have what appears to be a build up of scar tissue. Though i know what the problem is, i cannot seem to set my shoulder back into position! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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          Position is power as you’ve seen.
          In the beginning it will be a very conscious thing that you will need to think about alot.
          As you are working with it  it will become just what you do.
          You are breaking the old positioning habit and creating a new habit/positioning.
          What are you doing to address the difference in muscle development side to side?
          It’s Not Just Absolute Position, It’s Stability as Well
          The Biggest Shoulder Problem of Them All Part 1

          Watchinf this webinar can help with your understanding of how the shoulder works.
          The Athletic Shoulder: Anatomy, Physiology & Function

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          AvatarAustin LeForce

            Hi Kaitlin thanks for your reply, i have watched the videos and webinar and they have been very useful . I have been regularly using a lacrosse ball to dig into my pec minor and musculature of my upper back on the right side before training. Apart from that, i have not done anything else to address my muscular symmetry. I train as a powerlifter, so it is difficult to make dramatic changes to my exercise programme. In an attempt to correct my muscular imbalances, i have tried using unilateral movements but it feels more like i simply cannot get the muscles on my right side to engage correctly as i am in a poor position. I have considered having ART to break down the scar tissue, as i feel that unless i get rid of the scar tissue i will never be able to set my shoulder back. Do u have any mobility recommendations i could try? 

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              You can do mobility stuff in the morning or at night. Before/after working out during warm up or cool down.
              Improving position is the first step in getting those muscles to start firing correctly. Keep working with it.
              Getting the scar tissue broken up will help free up the muscles. I used a voodoo band and had someone manually work on scar tissue from a puncture wound in my calf. It made a huge difference.

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