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      AvatarMegan LeGresley

      Hey Everyone,

      Looking for some advice on my knee situation. I was learning to olympic lift two months ago and I was doing squats with just the bar and felt a little strain in my upper quad where it meets my knee. I went in a hot tub after for a few hours and the next day my leg couldn’t straighten and it was very swollen.

      I went to the physiotherapist and she ran some machine that stimulates the muscles going into my knee and performed the IMS needling on and off over the last 5 visits.

      Where I stand today swelling is all gone, but possibly still some internally. I can’t straighten my right leg fully without forcing it either. I’m in no pain ever and it’s more inconvenient then anything, although I do feel like the knee is doing some cracking.

      The physio first assumed that the extreme tightness of all the muscles in my leg was throwing my knee out of wack and I still believe this could be true. I did about 4 minutes of sloppy foam rolling and stretching on my legs and my knee got 50 percent closer to locking out.

      Can anyone advise me on videos to watch or a set of rolling/stretches that will cover the areas that could be straining my knee?

      Thank you!

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      AvatarMegan LeGresley

      Just an update: I found this video and it seems to be helping.

      If I do some stretching or even stick a lacrosse ball under my knee and flex for 30 seconds I find at least temporarily my right knee is close to being fully extended.

      Also prior to the stretching I wasn’t very comfortable getting up off the ground on the bad side, but post stretching there doesn’t seem to be any cracking knee etc.

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