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      Hello everyone!

      Past 8 years i am struggling with tension and pain in my low back area, and this boring searing pain in my right glutes. I visited and wasted a huge amount of money on chiropractors, physiotherapist, kinesitherapist, orthopedist etc with little or in most cases – no results.

      I saw some similar topisc on this forum, but since they are mostly generalized, i wanted to write down my issue, so that maybe you guys could give me some sort of advice or suggestion, cause honesty i dont know what do to anymore. For further info – i didnt have any kind of injury or dislocation, but my graphic designer lifestyle took its toll.

      My symptoms are next:
      – my right innominate is anterior rotated – right ASIS is inferior in comparison to left ASIS; right PSIS is superior to left PSIS
      – i lean more on my left leg, and i have this “longer” right leg effect
      – during walking my right foot tends to slightly externally rotate
      – when i lay on my back, my right foot falls into much bigger external rotation than my left foot
      – in terms of hip flexion in standing position, my right leg lacks a ROM, and the overall flexion is around 12 inches less than my left leg, so lets say maybe 20 degrees less
      – i supose that i also have a slight posterior rotation of left innominate, since when i lay on back and do exercise like dead-bugs, when i lower down left leg my left hip tends to make this cracking sound on every repetition, like my ROM is limited
      – on x-ray there is also a small vertebrae rotation in area around L4-T11, which makes my left side of back pop-out and gets “higher” and bigger when i bend over to touch my toes; something similar to scoliosis
      – my right obliques are smaller in muscle mass the left ones
      – right glutes are “higher” then left and weaker

      I also had:
      – lateral scoliosis in thoracic area, so my right shoulder was lower than my left
      – kyphotic posture due huge amount of sitting
      – lordosis – my lubar curve was bigger than normal
      These 3 symptoms i successfully resolved, still some work need to be done, but they are not making me any kind of issues.

      Now the pelvis area is slowly but surely giving me a chronic headache.

      Last physiotherapist told me that my right leg is falling into hyperextension in ” thomas test”, and that my right psoas major is probably weak due to vertebrae rotation in spine, and thats why my innominate is rotated. So we were working on isolating that psoas and doing some counter-rotation exercises for spine.
      But if i have a pelvic fault and some muscles are in spasm, even if i lay down on my back i will still have that rotation. Thomas test will only show bigger ROM in right leg due to anterior innominate rotation on that side, and lack of ROM on left side possibly due to posterior rotation. That doesnt had to mean that my right psoas is weak.

      Also before this guy i went to schroth specialist which also did some right psoas work, right glute medius, isolation my right side of back and trying to fix that muscle imbalance, and some pelvic stabilization exercises, but generally situation wasnt much better.

      Past few weaks i was doing MET technique that Kelly showed in episode 128 ( pulling one leg and pushing other one ) and nothing really was happening when i squeezed the ball after those. Last few days was different, i started hearing these poping sounds. I also added techniques for releasing tension from quads, TFL, QL, and abdominal region ( episode with Jill Miler ). My plan is to add some static exercises for stabilizing pelvis, like planks, side planks, pallof presses, bird-dog, dead bugs etc, band walk etc.

      – Do you guys have any suggestion or advice?
      – Should i continue with Kelly`s MET for pelvis fault? Maybe couple times per day?
      – Whould you treat muscle imbalance, and do any kind of isolation exercises for psoas, right obliques? In that case – which psoas would you strengthen, left or right? Maybe some right glute medius isolation?
      – would you avoid exercises that promote twisting, crunching, bending?

      Thank you so much for reading this long post, and for all your answers 🙂

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