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      AvatarLogan Heinl

      Hi guys,

      first of all thanks to Kelly for a fantastic resource and book!
      For the last two months I’ve been getting a dull achy pain in my right side / back after doing anything that puts strain on my upper body (including weighted squats). I think it might have started after a failed clean, where I lost some upper body stability – but not 100% sure. It’s in a decent size area, somewhat hard to pin down but basically from under the lat down to the bottom of the ribs.
      The pain comes a few hours *after* the excercise, I feel nothing during activity, and it stays for a day or two. There is also a constant tender spot immediately to the right of the spine at roughly the same height (one of the bottom ribs), but this doesn’t cause any pain unless I physically press the spot.
      I’ve been seeing a physio, who’s been doing massage/mobilization, but I don’t have a specific diagnosis yet.
      Anyone got any suggestions re what the cause could be, and if I can do anything to speed up recovery? Have been doing plenty of lacrosse balling on my back and around the affected area when the pain has subsided, but during the pain it feels like this would cause more injury (like Kelly talks about in the book).


      / Christian

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      AvatarJames Elwin

      Sounds like your intercostals. Try foam rolling your sides starting at your lat and going down to your waist. Definitely mobilize your thoracic spine and work on lateral flexion. My upper back and sides are extremely tight and I have plenty of tender spots on my sides.





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