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      Hello all, a few weeks ago I strained (very minor) my calf and lower hamstring. I have done some work upstream and down stream and it has been improving. I am almost 100 percent pain free besides for some soreness hear and there.

      MY question is how do I know when Im good to return to activity ( working out, rowing, biking, etc) and what stuff specifically should I do before returning. Is there a little mobility routine I should do for a couple of days or something like that prior to returning?
      I am also in college and taking a soccer class so I’m nervous to start up with running. I wanna make sure I don’t aggravate it after taking two weeks off.
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      Start with some drill work.
      Do running drills into short (50/100yd) jog/run.
      Do walk run intervals :30/:30 increase the running time as you go.

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