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      AvatarJen DeVilliers
      I have reduced pronation, dorsiflexion, inversion, and eversion of my ankle. Conventional stretching does not result in improved range of motion as it does not feel like it is due to tightness in the posterior part of my lower leg. I suspect that there is some wrong with the way the bones in my feet (maybe Talus) are moving as my foot moves. I have tried everything I can think of and am looking for any suggestions, since I don’t want to have to rely on weightlifting shoes to squat.

      The following video link is just me describing these same issues, along with me showing the ankle end range of motion while doing a bodyweight squat
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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey there,

      Two things would be useful in order to take a good crack at your problem:
      1) A detailed breakdown of exactly what you’re doing for ankle mobility right now (including how much and how often you’re doing it)
      2) Footage of you squatting from the front, side, and back with a full-body view.
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