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      My mom has been going to doctors seeking relief from her RLS and hasn’t found any relief yet. She asked me (a long-time KStar fan) and I thought I’d check with the forum. I’m thinking the place to start is with all-around leg/low back/gut tissue addressing, but wanted to see if anyone else had tinkered with RLS.

      Thank you!

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      One thing to check is iron levels. My aunt had symptoms clear up when iron deficiency was addressed by her doctor.
      Doing some work to set up a nightly routine to improve sleep density may help.
      Pro Episode Sleep Density

      Breathing and down regulation may help
      Saturday, June 30th, 2018 – Breathing & Down-regulation

      Saturday, June 30th, 2018 – Breathing & Downregulation

      Sunday, June 10th, 2018 – Breathing for Down-regulation

      Sunday, June 10th, 2018 – Breathing for Downregulation

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      Kelly StarrettKelly Starrett

      Hey Zach,
      Kaitlin is our long time forum ninja.
      I’d add try some nerve flossing/glides (easy youtube).
      I sometimes wonder if some spray magnesium prior to bed might help this as well as managing some extension in the spine.

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      AvatarBrian Dennis

      Hi Zach,

      I’m a dentist specializing in airway prosthodontics and sleep dentistry. Restless leg syndrome is considered a sleep disorder. If your mother has not had one, I would recommend her having a sleep study. Her physician can refer to the proper sleep clinic. There are some sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea and upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS) when properly treated can reduce the rls. Does she snore or breathe through her mouth while sleeping? There are some simple solutions to promote nasal breathing such as nasal dilators (Mute) and Buteyko mouth taping.

      Brian Dennis DDS

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        Kelly StarrettKelly Starrett

        I really like what Brian has said above. Sleep disorders can and do change basic physiology like co2 tolerance and blood ph. This is an easy thing to rule out. And, it should be done anyway! Thinking about the jaw has changed the game for us! Thanks BD!

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      Hey Squad! Thank you for everyone’s help here! I’m new to the forum and forgot to turn my notifications on. ?

      I appreciate you all!!

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