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      AvatarMarybeth Tudor

      Hi guys 

      Just wanted some advice as I have a problem with my SI joint. The short and simple version is after tearing my quad a year ago, if I play football/soccer I will inevitably feel a twinge in my quad. Next time I squat or dead lift my right SI joint jams up and I have to book with my chiro to pop it back. While this works its expensive to say that least, and while I’ve stopped playing soccer I still coach so can’t avoid the kicking motion which will set it off.
      I’ve seen Kstarr`s video recently on spinal fault but can’t free up my SI joint fully from it. Any suggestions?
      Note: my chiro and I have fully explored the problem and it is the quad/hip flexor causing the problem or at least the majority of the problem. As it tightens it pulls on the SI joint jamming it up.
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      John CarriereJohn Carriere

      question, because I used to have this issue (maybe not as bad) and my chiro would consistently be fixing it. Do you butt wink when squatting?

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      AvatarMarybeth Tudor

      I used to when it first flared up properly but haven’t in over 6 months since I fixed up my mobility.

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      Have you looked at your standing position?
      Are you addressing the tightness in your quad/hip flexor?

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