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      AvatarMatthew Wong

      Hi Kelly,

      Can you direct me to the appropriate videos for the following symptoms.

      1) Pinching and general discomfort from internal rotation shoulder position

      2) Clicking in the shoulder when moving through full ROM without load. Pain increases with load

      3) Immediately relief from lacrosse ball on RC muscles, lats (any sensitive spots on the back) however everything flairs up again when I start lifting load (must be a positional issue)

      4) Spent years strengthening RC muscles and trying to improve posture and form on lifts

      Thanks for your help!

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      Michael AlzheimerMichael Alzheimer

      Hey Matthew!

      Here are some videos to check out!

      1.) For shoulder IR:

      2.) For clicking/pain through full ROM

      For mobility work, the goal is to be able to eventually be able to achieve approx. 70 degrees of shoulder IR. For loaded movements, trying working with DB and KBs for a bit that have more movement variability than a barbell when going overhead. Try for example pressing overhead with dumbbells with more ER (thumbs pointed back behind you). Also play with tempo by slowing doing the movements with a 3-5 second eccentric and 3-5 concentric. If everything going directly overhead is still painful try incorporating landmine presses. You can do a quick youtube search for setup. It allows you to still work on pressing but without having to go all the way overhead while working in a more pain free ROM. While continuing to address mobility and building capacity in these movements you can eventually start incorporating more full ROM movements and full overhead pressing.

      TRS Staff

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