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      AvatarChris MacLean

      Dear community,

      5 weeks ago I was unlucky in a football games spraining my ankle and fracture the lateral malleolus on my right ankle.
      I have now been wearing first a cast and now a boot since the accident (no weigh bearing allowed up until now). I had a consultation with my doctor yesterday letting me put 15-20 kg weight on the foot for the next few weeks and aswell initiating rehabilitation exercises.
      My questions are the following:
      1. Any suggestions for initial rehabilitation exercises?
      2. I am suggested to do the following exercise: Move foot up and down 3 x per day 30 sets of 10 sec (30 sets moving foot up and 30 sets moving foot down).
      Having read Becoming a Supple Leopard and following Kelly I know that he normally recommends a strech of min 2 min for it to be effective, so I am not sure what would be best?? 10 sec or 2 min? Or gradually extending the time per set?
      Any thoughs?
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