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      AvatarRaelle Tagge

      Thanks for all you do. I have come a long way — physically — thanks to this content. I’ll do my best to make this brief.

      When I started TRS, I had a collapsed left ankle and poor dorsiflexion. I started mobilizing with banded distractions and spending time in the bottom position. I have improved. I am now focusing on creating torque with toes forward, working on foot pressure and mobilizing on the lateral joint capsule with arch in tact. I started discovering the muscular/fascial restrictions in my LLE including calf, ant/posterior tib, peroneals — and now hamstrings. Unfortunately, right now I am on a merry-go-round and having daily discomfort. Hence, my reason for posting.

      Onset of pain was 5-6 months ago after I suspect that I forced my ankle – in frustration – into dorsiflexion. The location of discomfort is migratory which is interesting. Sometimes it presents as tightness in the anterior shin or behind the knee. Often times it involves parts of the foot either lateral or at the metatarsals. I have associated planter fasciitis in the AM (improved from prior). I can still run barefoot, bike, be active without discomfort, so I don’t think it’s stress fracture.

      However, It can get so uncomfortable that I am forced to mobilize to get rid of the pain. It responds to flossing/rolling my anterior shin/calf as well as working on my hamstrings/hip external rotators (pigeon). The relief is transient. Another puzzling thing is that I can [reliably] reproduce a click in my left ankle when dorsiflexing with my foot on ground (calf raise). Potentially, I think I hurt my extensor retinaculum or subluxed my cuboid. However if this was acute traumatic injury from prior, I would suspect this to have healed by now. I do understand there is a role of the nervous system. I eat clean carnivore-ish right now, supplement collagen and magnesium, don’t take anti-inflammatories, use breath work.

      I have some tools at my disposal like theragun and marc pro. Looking for some help. I don’t think the traditional route of sports med, orthopedic, or garden variety PT would really evaluate this appropriately. And I don’t have access to that at the moment because pandemic.

      One last thing, I noticed is when I (mindlessly) square up to something (toilet, sink, whatever), my left foot is sightly more forward than my right. I suspect this translates all the way up to pelvis with years of practicing poor positions and maybe being a cyclist (i.e. like my left ASIS is more forward than right.) However my hips are rather symmetric.

      Thanks for reading and any suggestions will be helpful. If your network has anyone in Charlotte, NC then a referral would be welcomed.

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      Michael AlzheimerMichael Alzheimer

      Hey Daniel,

      Glad to see the site has been helpful! Keep working on working to improve the pistol archetype and working upstream and downstream of the issues. However the issues you are running into may be because you still collapse your arch with movements involving DF. Check out the 27 squat video to work in a motor control drill and use it to focus solely on how far you can squat without your foot collapsing to the floor.


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      AvatarRaelle Tagge

      Thanks Mike. Will do,

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      AvatarRaelle Tagge

      The foot and ankle webinar is also really helpful

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