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      AvatarAndre Khabbazi
      I need some help putting together a plan for how I can address the chronic issues I have had that are limiting my ability to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle.
      Previous Diagnosis : patellar femoral pain syndrome (PFPS) and chondromalacia of the patella, IT band syndrome, hip bursitis. left hip mobility less than right.
      Current Symptoms : Knee Pain, Hip Pain Near Illiac Crest on left when leaning to right ( see picture),, unable to sit for longer than 1/2 hour, lower back tightness , and pain near the anterior trochanteric bursa
      Age : 44
      5 years ago L5-S1 fusion to remove periodic episodes of caused by dehydrated disc and nerve root compression and inability to sit.  Recent MRI from 2012 has shown L4-L5 to have herniated disk.

      3 years ago IT band symptoms and hip bursitis due to significant overuse during skijoring http://youtu.be/0J7S4A676Fk?t=19s.   Did a full session of physical therapy.

      6 months ago L4-L5 reported disc herniation.

      03.2013 knee pain due after snowboarding for one week in vail. 

      Activities : Snowboard, Kiteboard, Wakeboard,  single track bike riding , and on occasion orienteering.
      Accepting any tips or advice on how to address the issues.  I have not been able to recover with four different series of PT sessions.  There are many videos on the site but I don’t know where to start and what would be the most effective to concentrate on in the limited time I have to work on my condition during the work week.
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      Avatar[email protected]

      A few tips:

      Take it slow and don’t rush, g0 slow and get quality mobilization in
      Dont try to fix everything in a day, take about 10 to 15 minutes EVERYDAY to chip away at it
      Don’t sit to long because as you said it hurts to much
      Maybe look into buying a voodoo floss band or use a cut bike tube for your hip mobility and knee
      Maybe include a couple miles of walking a week to keep mobility if you can
      Look into decompressing or getting your spine adjusted. 
      The hardest part but try and find the root cause of your pains 
      Every injury is connected your back hurt your hips and your hips dont help your knees either. The point is just to know that whatever started first is contributing to the pain in the knee, hip, whatever
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      You sound like me about a year ago.

      Motor control issues that helped me:
      – When I squatted, my big toes and heels would come up. Using and learning to activate the the inner leg muscles helped a ton. You need to find the “proper tracking’ for your legs in relation to your knees and ankles.
      – I hardly ever used my abs to brace my spine. I also found that tightening my core allowed better activation of my quads which helps balance the forces at the knee.
      – Use your hamstrings. I swear I had multiple moments where I said to myself, “Oh, those are my hamstrings. They sure make a difference when I use them.”
      – Learn the proper way of screwing your feet into the ground and pushing your knee’s out. Not just during lifting, but during active/dynamic movements as well. 
      – Find every possible movement you make throughout the day, and do it right. I get made of all the time because any time I sit or stand, I brace my body/spine, make sure my glutes are on, activate my hamstrings, make sure my feet are firmly on the ground, and then I move. But the more you do it right in your everyday activities, the easier it will be to do them when you’re doing active things.
      Mobility Issues:
      – Ankles, knee’s and hips: Work on everything. 
      – Voodoo bands on each of these joints at least twice a day. 
      – Find every possible way and time to get some mobility in. If you’re ever sitting watching tv, you should find some way of stretching. At the very least, put one foot on the other leg and push your knee down on the elevated leg.
      Strength Issues:
      – My glutes were weak, and my hamstrings were virtually non existent. 
      – Do hamstring curls and deadlifts. My hamstrings were so underdeveloped that I really needed to first get some mass on them before they would be able to provide any benefit to my movements. That’s what sitting all your life will do to you. 😛
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      AvatarAndre Khabbazi

      How do you voodoo band the hip?  Do you wrap around both hips?

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      Nope, you do it like you would the knee, just really high up. You get up close and personal with your groin area. But do a few squats, lunges, and the couch stretch and your hips will open nice and wide for super squat form!

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