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      Luke EverettLuke Everett

        Has anyone heard of RRT ( rapid release technology)? Itʻs device that is suppose to help break up scar tissue and restore range of motion. My dad let me borrow his and I have been combining it with some mobility movements. Itʻs only been about 5 days using it but I do feel a little more relief than normal. I couldnʻt find much about it outside of the company selling it. Just wondering if anyone has heard of it or gotten the chance to use one. Iʻm hoping itʻs something good and not just another bogus scheme.

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        AvatarNathan Richer

          do you have a link to this RRT? thx

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          Luke EverettLuke Everett
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            AvatarNathan Richer

              ah ok. my PT showed this to me. he claims it’s better than the DMS (direct muscle stimulator) as the vibration is higher and more focused.  he used it on me but i didn’t see any noticeable difference between this and the DNS.

              in general, i think vibration is an interesting area, whether used for massage and scar tissue break up or warming up the muscles or relaxing them.
              it’s definitely pricey though although less than the DMS ($2500) – i forgot what he said it was as it’s not listed on that site.  i’m not sure its worth it to get one when you get similar results most of the time with a lacrosse ball or supernova… although maybe it’s those tough edge cases where you’d pay anything to get that damn adhesion removed…?
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              Luke EverettLuke Everett

                You really think the lacrosse ball is just as effective? It’s been about a week sense I started using the RRT and I feel that it works better in some areas than others. I have what feels like cronic inflamation. My chest, ankle, elbow, lat. I feel relief in my elbow and ankle with the RRT but not my chest or lat. The lacrosse ball didn’t seem to help at all for this particular situation.

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                AvatarNathan Richer

                  like you said, it depends on the situation and for most cases i’ve found non-electronic methods work just as well as electronic.  that’s what i meant by lacrosse ball is just as effective.  

                  i used to go to an ART guy weekly when i raced ironman. he cleaned me up once a week enough to let me go out and train, and then tighten myself back up again.  but this was an era pre-mobilitywod.  after mwod appeared, i started doing things in there and realized that i can take care of or prevent 70-90% of things that my ART was working on by myself!  but there is still that 10-30% that i needed his help, depending on the area and situation.  
                  it also depends on the person – for some reason, i’ve seen stuff not work on me but work amazingly well on other people.  for example my wife gets a tight neck and traps. i use the DMS on her and she gets immediate relief, tightness all gone. on my tight neck and traps, nada. gotta get in there with a gemini.  same area, but different situation and person.
                  the nice thing in today’s world is that we have all this great info and technology available to us. i try to get as much as i can and then i can just try things on a certain condition until it works.  i always start with lacrosse balls, gemini, supernova, bands first, and then move up the technology chain from there. and if none of those help, it’s back to my ART guy!
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                  Luke EverettLuke Everett

                    Thanks so much for the help. I don’t know what I have going on in my muscles but looks like I’ll get back to the basics and maybe an ART guy.

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                    AvatarMatt Hale

                      Rapid Release Technology is great. I use my hands a lot regarding
                      crossfitters, powerlifters, bodybuilders, athletes of many different
                      sports and for me the RR Pro 2 helps me take stress off of them by not
                      having to use them as much. Now don’t get me wrong, I still will use my
                      hands for ART and use my tools (graston/SASTM) but I will use the RR Pro
                      2 to warm the area up and bring a tremendous amount of blood to the
                      area and break up scar issue. Even when I have worked an area thoroughly
                      I can use the RR Pro 2 on it as a finisher and the patient can still
                      tell a difference. Usually when you work a muscle for a while, sooner or
                      later you are just spinning your wheels meaning the patient will not
                      feel much of a difference because the area is so flushed with blood. Not
                      so with the Pro 2. The fact that the large green applicator can also
                      heat up is another feature that helps draw blood to the area. And blood
                      means nutrients and nutrients mean healing.

                      I always look for products that I can use that will allow me to work
                      smarter not harder. Digital xray, tables that elevate, hand free
                      modality equipment, etc. The Pro 2 fits in very well in that it helps
                      cut down on stress for your hands and fingers but also delivers the
                      vibrational resonance to break down scar tissue which if you are looking
                      to work more with athletes, they all have.

                      As for using the Pro 2 for your different techniques, if you use your
                      hands then yes it will be a good fit. But remember, the Pro 2 will not
                      be able to give you feed back like your fingers will. So while I will
                      use the Pro 2, I still use my other techniques and still use my fingers
                      to access. Any hand held instrument is good, but you still need a hand
                      to work it. Trigger points are hard for me to access when I do not use
                      my finger tips when using the Pro 2. But instead of kneading the muscle knot/trigger point
                      with my thumb, fingers, or a soft tissue tool, I can use the Pro 2. It
                      gets great results in less time, with less energy expended on my part. I
                      have worked on some very strong and very bulked up individuals over the
                      years and sometimes no matter how hard I would dig my thumbs or fingers
                      in, it did not seem to be enough. Not so with the Pro 2. It can
                      penetrate deeper tissues plus I do not have do dig in. I can just hold
                      the Pro 2 and that is has worked on all my patients. I have never had
                      anyone say I cannot really feel it. If anything, they are amazed at how
                      alive the area feels only after a few minutes. Remember scar tissue is
                      lack of blood flow to that area resulting in the scar tissue never healing and
                      be re-absorbed. The Pro 2 vibrates at a resonance that breaks up scar
                      tissue thus allowing blood flow to the area thus delivering nutrients to
                      the area thus allowing it to heal.

                      My background is in the healthfield with my undergraduate work in Sport
                      Biology (Pre-Med degree) and graduate school in chiropractic. I have
                      been a practicing chiropractor for 18 years specializing in the field of
                      athletics. I have experience in using ART (active release technique)
                      and Graston/SASTM (Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) technique. I
                      have worked with athletes of every sport including football, baseball,
                      hockey, basketball among others and some un-traditional sports such as
                      powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, and crossfit. The Rapid Release
                      Technology is great for any and all athletes to help prevent injuries
                      (Pre-hab) and help overcome injuries (Re-hab). The Rapid Release can be
                      utilized alone or with other soft tissue techniques to produce greater

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                      AvatarAlex Salomons

                        I have used RRT and other vibration type devices. I suggest you check out this DVT. The unit has variable speed controls and is cordless. Much better.

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