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      Hello all! 

      So, in my journey of becoming my best and most supple me I have come across an interest with the specific range of motion of the joints, particularly the hip and shoulder. I have watched hundreds of Kelly’s videos and he is always hammering away and proper ROM. I was curious as to where the information is coming from. Is there a particular textbook to read or any authors in the literature? Any help would be great! 

      Thank you so much for you help!
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      Recommended ready from the FAQ:

      There is unfortunately a dearth of useful information on this topic, hence this blog. Kelly’s book Becoming A Supple Leopard is available from several locations including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

      We have found that many athletes and coaches, however, lack a basic
      understanding of anatomy and biomechanics and so we recommend seeking
      out resources like Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains, and the work of Eric Cressey, Gray Cook, and Stuart McGill.

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      AvatarNathan Martin

      Thank you so much! I’ve had some experience with Dr. McGill. He is a very interesting man! I will definitely check out the other resources. Thank you for the response!

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